PGC-660 LightEdge 5-Speed Smart Digital Dog Grooming Clippers


  • Speed: 5 settings (5000 to 7000 RPM)
  • Compatibility: LightEdge detachable blades
  • Battery: self-repairing lithium-ion battery (2500 mAh)
  • Run time: 5 hours on a single charge
  • Includes: cordless charging base, cleaning brush, standard adjustable ceramic blade (1mm to 1.9mm), and two double-sided chrome attachment combs (3mm to 12 mm)


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1-year warranty

1 year warranty on all the clippers.

Shipping & Delivery


Waggz has partnered with the highest rated shipping carriers to deliver your products in the very best condition. Even still, shipping incidents can occasionally cause damage. This guide will help you get a quick, easy resolution.

We want to make sure you’re fully satisfied, so please take your time and don’t allow the delivery driver to make you feel rushed. You always have the right to refuse shipments with major damages – especially on grooming tables, cages, and tubs.

Before signing:

1.Look for signs of damage: crushed corners, holes/tears, wetness/stains, upside down crates, opened/resealed

*It’s always a good idea to compare packaging condition with the original image that you received from our shipping department.

*If you ordered an LED table, use a Philips screwdriver to open the crate and confirm the glass tabletop is intact

2.Thoroughly document any damages or missing items directly on the delivery receipt

3.Take photos of any damaged products or packaging issues

4.Sign and retain a copy of the delivery receipt for your records

If you do not report and document damages on the delivery receipt before signing, it is impossible to resolve losses with the shipping company. For this reason, Waggz cannot be held responsible for shipments after signing.

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