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How To Get The Perfect Electric Grooming Tub For Your Dog?

For dog owners, bath care is an absolute must. Especially when you want to keep your dog clean and avoid any unpleasant smell. There are no fixed guidelines about when you should bathe your dog – only that you should do it frequently and stick to a routine. 

To bathe your pet, you will need a proper dog tub. Your tub selection process must involve getting one that makes grooming easier for both you and your dog. 

One of the easiest and the most convenient is an electric grooming tub. Most of these are made of stainless steel and are best used for small breeds. To get the perfect one for your canine friend, here are some factors you can consider before purchasing:

Size & Weight

You need to know your pet’s size and weight before buying a tub. This is to make sure your dog fits the bath. Also, the tub must be easy for you to lift and carry. 

Measure your dog at your home or take him to your local pet store. You can also browse different brands and sizes at a store to get acquainted with electric tubs and their dimensions. 

Adequate Drainage

Once you’re clear on the size of the electric grooming tub, the next thing to look for is drainage. 

Get a bath with a proper drainage system to ensure water does not flood out as you wash your pet. 

Not getting a tub with adequate drainage will cost you additional time in cleaning up after a grooming session. So, always get a tub that has proper drainage.


When you are washing a dog, it’s more convenient to be able to reach every part of their body with the nozzle. 

This saves your time and cleans your pet more thoroughly. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a flexible nozzle that you can move around.

Material & Power Consumption

Make sure that the tub is made with UV-protected and eco-friendly materials, in case your pet tries to chew the bathtub.

Also, when you’re buying an electric grooming tub, get one that is energy efficient and consumes less power.


Proper budgeting is required to buy the perfect electric grooming tub for your canine. A big, overly expensive tub may look good in your house but it’s not feasible for your pocket. 

Plus, companies try to get you to shelve out more money by offering more features. Sticking to your budget is more beneficial than an impulsive purchase.  

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