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Artero Apollo – Long Blade Mat Breaker

Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $23.89.
Details Cylindrical bamboo body for working with blades at different angles. FEATURES: Corrugated metal blades (1.89”) and bamboo body. USE: For knots
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Artero Apollo – Short Blade Mat Breaker

Original price was: $20.99.Current price is: $20.59.
Details Cylindrical bamboo body for working with blades at different angles. FEATURES: 30mm wavy-edged metal blades with bamboo body. USE: For knots
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Artero Bear – Cornerless Volume Comb
Dog Grooming Comb

Original price was: $40.50.Current price is: $39.49.
FEATURES: Round, chrome teeth. USE: For lifting and fluffing up the coat. Ideal for faces. TYPE OF COAT: Medium and long;
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Artero Bear – Extra Volume Comb
Dog Grooming Comb

Original price was: $37.99.Current price is: $37.59.
FEATURES: Conical teeth. Chrome. USE: For lifting, teasing, straightening and tidying the coat during cutting. COAT TYPE: Medium and long,
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Artero Bear – Regular Volume Comb
Dog Grooming Comb

Original price was: $36.19.Current price is: $35.09.
Details FEATURES: Conical teeth. Chrome. Galvanised metal. USE: For lifting, teasing, straightening and tidying the coat during cutting. HOW TO USE:
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Artero Beast – Dematting Slicker

Details The Mat Breaker Slicker has extra long & wide pins to easily target tangles, mats and shedded coat. Ideal
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Artero Buddy – Mini Eye & Face Comb

Original price was: $11.45.Current price is: $10.39.
Details FEATURES: Regular Chrome pin 20mm USE: To remove secretions from the eye area, and to break knots from in-between paw
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Artero De-Shedder

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $39.39.
Details Tired of always finding pet hair around your home? Here’s the solution with the Artero De-Shedder you’ll reduce the
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Artero Golf – De-Shedder

Original price was: $22.99.Current price is: $21.89.
Details FEATURES: Stainless steelblade with 45º inclination, narrow teeth and bamboo body. USE: Removes deep undercoat aiding the stripping process and
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Original price was: $16.99.Current price is: $16.15.
Details Rubber Palm Pad brush for dogs with granulated rubber tips. Helps to remove dead or near-fall hair in short-haired
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Artero Juliet – Long Pin Slicker

Details Características 4 tallas para poder utilizar en distintas razas o zonas, con el mismo mango de bambú ergonómico. Integra el
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Artero Juliet – Long Protected Pin Slicker

Details Four head sizes with the same ergonomic bamboo handle. Air Cushion system with great adaptation of the teeth to the surface, achieving a
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Dog Grooming Tools

When you are ready to start taking more responsibility for your dog’s hygiene, there are many considerations to factor in. Whether you are grooming a low-maintenance short haired dog or a fancy breed with luscious locks, having the right tools for the job is imperative for your grooming success.

There are many pieces of equipment that make the task of grooming much easier. Some are intended to help with tangles and mats; others are to help with immobilizing the dog, allowing you to clip, trim and detangle safely and tidily. All of this equipment is intended to make the grooming process more streamlined and enjoyable for you and the pet you are grooming.

The right dog grooming tools will make your grooming endeavors safe, smooth and professional, allowing you to get the results you want without having to improvise.

Combs and Picks: Heavy Duty Detangling Power

If a dog has a double coat or long hair, you will occasionally deal with tangles and mats. If you’ve groomed dogs much you know that dog hair eats cheap combs for breakfast; your average comb and pick are not going to overcome the challenges presented by canine tangles.

Dog Grooming Combs 

Choose a metal comb to smooth your dog’s coat and add volume. A corner less comb’s teeth are tapered in a curving shape perfect for safely combing the face without risk of injury, while straight combs can work rapidly through the coat on the body, volumizing and neatening.

Picks: Mat Breakers

Whether it’s just in spring and fall during the shedding season, or all year round in longer haired breeds, you will sometimes end up dealing with mats. It is very frustrating for a mat to get so bad that you have no choice but to use clippers to remove it, and with large mats tented skin is a real risk that can lead to pinches and cuts.

A sturdy mat breaker with strong teeth can be used to carefully work the mat loose, releasing the hairs from their tables.

Brushes and Slickers

Dog brushes are made to be sturdy enough to hold up to a dog’s thick coat, yet gentle enough to comfortably follow the changing contours of the dog’s body. They are used to remove slight tangles and to add volume and fluff the coat.

Slickers are flat rectangular brushes, designed to help work out mats and to de-shed the dog’s coat, helping control the inevitable drifts of hair that otherwise end up all over your home.

Restraint: Equipment to Help A Dog Hold Still For Grooming

If you’ve ever tried to perform an extended grooming session on a dog, you know that they don’t always have an easy time understanding the assignment. Even if they enjoy the process they might spend the whole time being distracted, following your brush hand with their nose, or trying to roll on their back (the belly needs some grooming... but so does the back!)

If this has been a problem for you, consider a few extra pieces of equipment to help you gently direct the dog on how to stand for grooming.

Tie-Off Points

Alpha AXT suction points can be firmly attached to any flat surface and gives you a great anchor point to attach leashes and other restraints.

Grooming Loops

A grooming loop is a special short lead that can be easily affixed to an anchor point, helping to gently encourage the dog to keep its head in one place.

Belly Band

If you’ve ever been frustrated trying to groom a dog that keeps trying to sit down or roll over, the AXL Belly Band System could be your perfect solution. It is designed to gently support the belly, keeping the hips raised into a good position for you to be able to do your grooming tasks quickly and easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What supplies do you need to groom a dog?

While the answer to this question varies, the basics will include a corner-less comb for combing the body and face; a slicker for breaking mats and deshedding the undercoat; and restraints to streamline the process and keep the dog from struggling and trying to lie down or eat your grooming supplies.

How to groom a dog for beginners?

Begin by removing all the tangles you can with a comb and a brush. If your dog is shedding, use a slicker to remove the worst of the shed hair. Bathe the dog with a trusted brand of shampoo; rinse thoroughly. Condition, especially if your dog has a longer coat, and work out any remaining mats with a mat breaker. When the coat is almost dry it’s time for any trimming, clipping, and styling; comb again for volume and fluff. Finish with your favorite scent of doggie cologne for that professional touch.