Pet Dryer Care, Maintenance, and Repair Guide for Groomers


It’s so exciting to get your very first pet dryer and feel the force! Did you know that Waggz carries a dual-motor force dryer with a top speed of 73,200 feet per minute? The Shernbao Hurricane dryer is nicknamed The Blaster for a reason!

Professional pet groomers often collect multiple force dryers, finishing dryers, and fluff dryers over the years. Building a collection of grooming equipment and trying new tools is part of the fun.

But how long will your dryer last, and can you repair a grooming dryer if it breaks?

Blow away the competition and keep your force dryers in the best condition with these pet grooming dryer tips. We’ll cover dryer care, repair, accessories, replacements, and more:

How long will a pet dryer last?

Pet dryers take a beating, and they arguably get the most use out of any piece of equipment in your grooming salon. Even hard-working, professional-grade equipment has an expiration date.

Does your force dryer have a separate heating mode? If not, you can still feel how hot the powerful motor gets after just a few minutes. Motor-warmed air causes plastic components to expand and contract after every use. Other factors like excessive humidity, heat, air pressure, and elevation can play a role in how long your force dryer will continue to perform at its peak.

Shernbao pet dryers are backed by a 6-month warranty, which gives groomers total peace-of-mind coverage for hundreds (or even thousands!) of hours.

It’s a little disappointing to learn that your new favorite grooming dryer won’t last forever… but there are several care and maintenance routines that you can use to keep your dryer in the best condition for as long as possible.

How do you clean a grooming dryer?

Pet grooming is messy! After a long day of grooming appointments, slobbery kisses, and dog cuddles, don’t forget to clean up.

We recommend blowing out the dryer every day to keep the filter clean and dust-free. Simply attach the round nozzle tip to the end of your force dryer hose, turn the variable speed dial all the way up, and quickly blow off the filter and filter cap on the back of your pet dryer.

We recommend blowing out the dryer every day to keep the filter clean and dust-free. Simply attach the round nozzle tip to the end of your force dryer hose, turn the variable speed dial all the way up, and quickly blow off the filter and filter cap on the back of your pet dryer.

What’s the best way to store a force dryer?

Waggz proudly carries Shernbao dryers because groomers love the affordable price point, impressive wind speed, and handy standby mode.

Take advantage of the standby mode while you’re drying, grooming, and styling, but then don’t forget to turn the dryer completely off between appointments. Leaving your dryers turned on (and warm) for extended periods of time can shorten the working lifespan.

Cool, dry storage spaces help protect your dryer parts and components. Do you have backup dryers waiting on standby? If possible, we recommend keeping spare pet dryers in the box until they’re ready to use.

Can broken pet dryers be repaired or fixed?

Some broken force dryers can be repaired by a skilled local technician, and you may find a service provider who can replace brushes in a force dryer or fluff dryer. However, the complexity of replacing and repairing a used pet dryer may not be worth the cost. It’s typically not a cost-effective option to hire out and repair or replace critical components, like motors and tourmaline brushes in your pet dryer. 

If you know how to repair your grooming dryer – go for it! Waggz carries a number of dryer replacement parts to help repair technicians and tech-savvy groomers do your best work.

We offer specialized dryer motor replacement parts for the Super Cyclone Single Motor Dryer, Tsunami Single Motor Dryer, Typhoon Dual Motor Dryer, and Hurricane Dual Motor Dryer. Replacement carbon brushes, power switches, and wind speed switch components can also be replaced, if you notice that the pet dryer is no longer performing at its peak.

We always recommend being proactive and keeping a backup dryer (or two!) on standby for your grooming shop – whether you choose to attempt a dryer repair or opt for a full replacement. Don’t forget to contact your local electronics recycling program and dispose of your old pet grooming dryers in a sustainable way.

Where can you buy grooming dryer parts online?

Waggz is your go-to grooming supply shop with powerful features, fresh ideas, and superior service. That includes most dryer replacement parts, dryer accessories, convenient force dryer mounts, and more.

Broken filter cover? No worries! Next time you restock grooming supplies, just add a new dryer filter cover to your cart. Waggz offers free shipping on most orders over $99.

Need a longer dryer hose? Of course! Waggz carries Shernbao force dryer hoses in 15-foot and 25-foot lengths. Easily attach the flexible, high-density dryer hose to the Shernbao dryer grip, hose adapter, and nozzles that came in the box.

What’s the best pet grooming dryer for your salon?

As discussed, we know that even the best dog grooming dryer won’t last forever. When you’re comparing models and shopping around for the lowest price, don’t overlook grooming dryer specs and mounting options.

Waggz carries a variety of Shernbao grooming dryers with different price points, wind speeds, and energy requirements. Not every professional pet groomer wants or needs the same dryer! 

Here’s a handy guide to help you tell the difference:

1. Best heavy-duty, do-it-all dryer: the Shernbao Typhoon

This extra-wide dryer is oversized for a reason. Two powerful motors are paired with high-velocity air channels that release up to 320-cfm air volume on full-blast. Turn up the stepless, variable speed dial to unleash the Typhoon’s full force and breeze through thick, double coats. Natural motor-warmed air is all you need to get the job done even faster.

We’ve even designed a custom force dryer stand and wall mount to match the Typhoon’s unique shape.

2. Best blaster with unbeatable speeds: the Shernbao Hurricane

This powerful dual-motor dryer is specially designed for speed blasting. The variable, stepless speed dial reaches up to 73,200fpm – faster than any other grooming force dryer in our lineup.

3. Best professional dryer with a single motor: the Shernbao Tsunami

The Tsunami is truly an elite option for professional pet groomers on a budget – even those with energy constraints, like mobile grooming vans and house-call groomers. Get more done during your appointment and fluff faster with an efficient, 2200-watt motor.

4. Best affordable pet dryer for home use: the Shernbao Super Cyclone

Dog owners agree – the Super Cyclone is our most user-friendly, impressive single motor dryer, all in a compact size that’s easy to carry. Use it as a backup dryer at your grooming salon or at home between dog grooming appointments. The built-in heating element is designed to add volume for a comfy, fluffy finish.

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