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How to Get (and Keep!) More Grooming Clients


Whether you’re a new pet groomer or a seasoned professional, running the business is often harder than the work itself! First, you have to do marketing to get paws in the door. Then, it’s time to shine with the best pet grooming services in town. Even if the customer walks out with a smile, how can you make sure that they come back?

Try these tips to increase your grooming revenue and fill your salon calendar every month:

1. Simplify scheduling

According to Zippia’s 2022 report, 67% of people prefer online booking and 40% of appointments are booked after business hours. If your website is hard to navigate or non-existent, you’re missing out. An online booking tool with text reminders can be a gamechanger for your grooming business.

Also, keep in mind that 82% of online appointment scheduling is done on smart phones, so your site needs to be mobile-friendly.

2. Become a resource

Many professional pet groomers struggle to build and maintain an email list. Writing an interesting grooming newsletter is hard! Local giveaways, product recommendations, and training or health tips give customers a reason to look for your emails.

Not sure where to start? A veterinarian, doggy daycare, or pet photographer might be interested in collaboration. Network with local businesses and do your research to help pet parents find the best services.

3. Show up in their feed

Turn pets into social media stars and stay connected with customers between visits. Shernbao USA’s illuminated FT-829 and FT-829p grooming tables provide gorgeous lighting with crisp white LEDs that pop on social media.

Using the right table, it’s easy to snap a picture without slowing down your schedule. Showing off your work as a pet grooming influencer can bring in new clients; it’s also a great way to help existing customers remember to book their next appointment.

4. Upgrade your equipment

New equipment might give on-the-fence customers a reason to come back. How much better can your grooming be with an anionic dog dryer for frizz-free, fluffy finishes? Or maybe you want to expand operations with a self-serve dog wash station with upgraded features? Either way, Shernbao USA can help you prove that you’re ready to be the customer’s go-to groomer.

5. Explain and show off

Pet parents appreciate a quick recap of what you did during the grooming session and how their pup behaved. Don’t underestimate the power of a few compliments! Show off your work by pointing out the adorable details that make the dog special.

On the flip side, it’s also important to take some time and tell owners about any lumps or bumps you might have noticed. A quick conversation could save their pet’s life.

6. Set up a loyalty program

Not all loyalty programs are equal, and you’ll need to find a system that promotes engagement without being pushy. Loyalty programs help grooming clients track their appointment schedule and build long-term rapport.

Experiment with extra perks, like double points, if they book the next appointment during checkout – win, win!

As a professional pet groomer, you have to be multi-talented. Marketing, management, accounting, and client retention are part of the job. Luckily, with Waggz line of professional pet grooming equipment, the quality of your salon tools is one less thing to worry about.

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