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Everything You Need to Create a Home Dog Bath and Wash Station


Want to turn an empty corner of your home into a DIY dog wash station?

Shernbao USA has everything you need to install a dog bath at home and shower your pups with lots of love. Whether you’re adding extra utility to a mud room, renovating a dog-friendly laundry room, or creating usable space in the garage, we can help.

Step 1: Order or Build a Tub

There are several DIY home dog bath designs for handy homeowners to follow – like this one from Family Handyman. Or you may be able to hire a local contractor to build a custom dog shower. But construction projects are costly, time consuming, and prone to error, so you might prefer to buy and install a pre-built dog wash station instead.

Shernbao USA’s electric grooming tubs eliminate the need for stairs or clunky ramps that take up space. Simply use foot controls to lower the tub down to your pet’s level and close the sliding door behind them. Most DIY pet baths are built into the floor and don’t have a splash guard – two key components you’ll regret not having while you stoop over the bath and towel off the floor.

Make sure to choose a durable tub design that fits your space and lifestyle, like the BTS-130E electric pet grooming tub. Shernbao USA’s professional tubs also come with must-have accessories, including a drain hair trap to save your pipes, non-slip tub mats, and back-saving puppy boosters.

Step 2: Hook Up Your Sprayer

If you purchased a Shernbao USA grooming tub, plumbing setup is a breeze. (One less thing to worry about!) Now it’s time to pick the best grooming water sprayer and faucet. We recommend a professional dog wash sprayer that has at least six different water jet settings, so you have the pressure and power to fully rinse out soap and suds.

This thermostatic faucet is also a must-have for grooming tubs. Get precise control over the temperature to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe in the water.

Step 3: Set Up for Safety

Grooming loops are a gentle, effective way to restrain your dog in the bathtub, but not all homemade dog wash stations are set up for them. Luckily, Waggz grooming tubs have welded hooks on the metal splash guard to keep pets safe.

Plus, it’s important to keep the grooming tub clear of materials and pet bath products. A grooming arm tool caddy can help you stay organized and prevent accidents.

Step 4: Stock Up on Supplies

Whether you plan to use your home dog wash station to clean muddy paws or freshen up without going to the groomer, there are a few items you’ll need:

– Super absorptive, soft pet grooming towels

– Fast-drying, non-greasy dog ear cleaner

– Gentle cleansing dog shampoo for grooming

– Moisturizing coat repair conditioner for dogs

(Bonus) Step 5: Keep Them Warm and Dry

After a bath, we recommend drying off your dog as soon as possible. A wall-mounted grooming force dryer is the perfect way to finish washing up at home. Plus, it won’t waste any valuable floor space!

Look for a professional-grade grooming dryer with an adjustable air speed dial and heat to keep your pup happy. Shernbao USA’s Super Cyclone force dryer is the preferred choice for many mobile grooming vans and DIY pet groomers because the single motor is super powerful and energy efficient.

For inspiration, shopping advice, and sales updates, make sure to follow @Shernbaousa on Instagram. Happy grooming!

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