Bathing Tubs

Steps to Give Your Dog a Bath

Not only is it important to find the right bathtub for your dog, but you need to understand the process. If your little one isn’t used to baths, then you’ll need to sway him to it. Luckily, there are a few simple steps to help make this task easier.

Make Playtime Count

If it’s a day where you know you’ll be outside with your dog, it’s a good idea to get the most out of your playtime. Not only will you be able to tire your dog out, but he’ll be more receptive to getting clean. Also, it’ll make it easier for you to get your dog bath tub ready to help with the bedtime process.

Throw the ball around or play fetch. Anything with some serious cardio for the dog will get him all tuckered out so he doesn’t put up much of a fuss when you place him in the tub. 

Getting the Right Supplies  

Here are some of the supplies you need to buy:

  • Dog-friendly shampoo
  • Towels
  • Brush
  • Treats

When you get dog-friendly shampoo, make sure that it’s something that doesn’t dry out their skin. Also, certain dogs may need shampoo to help prevent fleas and ticks if they’re prone to trapping them in their fur. Also, some dogs have sensitive skin so it’s important to know what works because each pet is different.

Make Sure You Have a Good Drain

While a doggy tub usually is good with the draining, make sure you have a strainer just in case. Tubs can easily get clogged by thick dog hair. If you have a dog with a double-coat, a sponge or steel wool can help you keep that excess hair out.

Brush Your Dog

Brushing your dog does a couple of things. One, it helps to smooth out the fur. Two, it helps calm your dog down. When you’re brushing your dog, this is a moment to bond with him and keep him relaxed.

Your dog may feel less anxious with a gentle brush going through the fur as you talk to him and show love. At the same time, you’re getting out excess hair or debris from the fur before you go to fully wash him. This a good tactic to help keep the doggy tub cleaner.

With the right supplies, good energy, and general bonding, it’ll help you give your dog a nice and relaxing bath.

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