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Best Dog Grooming Accessories to Save Time and Money

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Any pet groomer knows that dog grooming is vital to the health and happiness of their clients. It helps to keep the coat healthy and skin in good condition to ensure that your furry customer is comfortable and clean as well. Time is money, so a professional groomer needs to know what products and items to choose to increase customer satisfaction.

It’s also important that you stay on top of cleaning and maintaining dog grooming aids.

With the proper dog grooming accessories, master equipment and pet products, you can realize excellent results for your pet grooming business, whether it’s mobile or location-based.

Products Sold by Waggz and Groomers Helper and Other Retailers Online

Are you searching for Wahl Pro Ion clippers? Maybe you wish to shop online for Proselect Empire dog cages. Perhaps you’re seeking the ideal slicker brush by Chris Christensen. If so, the following information will help you create a checklist, so you can choose the best dog grooming accessories and brands. Branded products such as BatherBox, Andis, or Green Groom can help you save time and money.

High-Quality Brushes and Combs for Dog Groomers

Proper brushing is fundamental in dog grooming circles, which is why investing in high-quality brushes and combs is essential. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and coat types; hence the importance of variation in your grooming kit of accessories

For instance, a slicker brush best suits any detangling work that entails removing extra loose fur while a bristle brush lends shininess to the fur of short haired breeds. On long haired dogs’ coats, a sturdy stainless-steel comb helps remove tangles and prevents matting.

Professional Grade Hair Clippers

Although manual scissors can be used for fast touch-ups, only professional-grade electric or electric-charged clippers offer a full-grade professional trim. Choose clippers with multiple blade speeds for different hair types as well as choices in guard lengths. A cordless version allows the professional groomer the freedom to move around during a grooming session without being limited by power cords.

Nail Clippers

Regular nail care is a must to avoid discomfort and potential health issues for a dog. If you use a sharp ergonomic nail clipper, both you and your doggie client will be happier. You won’t strain your hand and your dog customer will feel less skittish about trimming its nails.

Nail Grinders

For those who prefer a more gradual approach, a nail grinder provides a smooth, rounded edge to a dog’s nails – especially useful for dogs that are apprehensive about traditional clipping.

Manual Grooming Table with an Arm or an Electric Grooming Table

A sturdy grooming table with a non-slip surface and an adjustable arm can safely secure a dog and provide a groomer with easy access to all areas of a dog’s coat.

An electric grooming table is ideal if you want to ensure a more calming experience for dogs who are extra nervous about getting groomed and trimmed.

Professional Pet Conditioning Sprays and Detanglers

Using a specially made dog conditioner or detangler spray cuts down on the time spent brushing, and prevents the formation of future tangles. These pet products also allow the comb to slide through the fur more easily thus preventing any damage that might be done while brushing after using a shampoo.

Both shampoos and conditioners must be dog-friendly and work for specific coats while being kind to an animal’s skin. You can buy the products by the gallon for your mobile grooming business or for your doggie salon. After all, you don’t want to outfit your business with master equipment like Andis clippers or an Andis hair dryer and overlook the importance of choosing the right brand conditioner or shampoo.

You can save lots of money if you buy in bulk, or choose to buy a reputable product by the gallon for ongoing use. BatherBox shampoo or Green Groom Odor Eliminating Shampoo, are offered by the gallon. You can also buy containers of 5-gallon shampoos and conditioners on the Waggz website.

Ear and Eye Care Grooming Tools and Supplies

Maintaining the cleanliness of a dog’s ears and eyes is one of the most important tasks of keeping a dog healthy and groomed. In order not to irritate them, simple products such as mild ear cleaning solutions can be used along with gentle cotton balls to remove debris or wax. Tear stain removers are specialized products designed to safely remove discoloration around a dog’s eyes.

Rounded tipped professional dog grooming scissors are great grooming tools to use for delicate work around the face (eye area), ears and paws. Using the scissors allows you to groom a dog without worrying about poking or injuring them. Round ends also give you peace of mind when you work on sensitive areas or are grooming a jumpy dog.

Bathing Accessories and Equipment – Including Clean Dog Shampoo, Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Green Groom Odor Eliminator

Bathing accessories like handheld sprayers, bath mats and specially formulated pet shampoos can turn an ordinary bath into a day at the spa . Pet grooming products such as handheld sprayers with adjustable water pressure controls help groomers rinse dogs off quickly and thoroughly.

Safety and comfort are enhanced by non-slip bath mats, or a clean dog shampoo or oatmeal dog shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin. For dogs with doggie odor (DO), some grooming professionals recommend Green Groom Odor Eliminator as a suggested choice.

Waggz sells stationary and electric tubs to make the most of a dog’s spa or grooming experience.

Hair Dryer Equipment

After bathing, a strong pet hair dryer can significantly reduce drying time. These dryers differ from human hair dryers because they are made to handle dog fur in terms of its volume and texture . The groomer can adjust the speeds and heat settings to suit the client.

You can find an array of great dryers featured by the brand, Andis. Go online and also check out the forced, finishing, and cage dryers that are featured on the Waggz website.