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Sustainable Pet Grooming: The Best Eco-Friendly Business Tips


Sustainable, eco-friendly pet grooming doesn’t have to be difficult! As professional pet groomers, you know that the health and happiness of our furry clients always come first. Small policy changes and product upgrades can improve their experience and make a positive impact on the environment.

Plus, it’s an easy way to attract and impress environmentally conscious clients who value sustainability. Less waste, more resources, and feel-good benefits – it’s a win for everyone!

Choose biodegradable pet shampoo

A soothing, sudsy bath is the start of a great groom. We always recommend soap-free, paraben-free dog shampoos and conditioners that support skin and coat health. Look for human-grade ingredients and natural botanicals with easy-to-read labels you can trust.

The source of those ingredients matters, too. Did you know that Bio-Groom Pet Shampoos are made with natural cleansers that are 100% biodegradable? You deserve to choose products that are safe for you, your pups, and the planet.

EZ-Groom Natural Grooming Shampoo is another excellent choice. Look for highly concentrated formulas in gallon jugs, like the 50:1 Filthy Beast Shampoo Concentrate. This way, you can restock less frequently and reduce plastic packaging waste.

Reduce water waste

Easy-to-rinse, high-quality shampoo can speed up the bathing process and waste less water.

Even if you don’t live in a drought-prone area, it’s important to be mindful about water consumption. Water recycling and recirculation systems can make a huge difference and lower your utility bills. Rain barrels are another way to collect and reclaim water with less waste. However, most pet groomers and grooming salon owners can’t invest in full-scale sustainability systems.

Start by installing a thermostatic faucet and tub sprayer with multiple spray settings. These simple upgrades give you more control over water speed and pressure – two quick, easy ways to reduce water waste. Shernbao USA’s BTS-131E Electric Stainless Steel Grooming Tub has two sets of predrilled plumbing holes, so you can install the water-saving faucet and sprayer on either side of the tub.

Invest in long-lasting equipment

Pet grooming equipment and supplies are often difficult to recycle and repurpose. We always recommend doing your research and comparing brands in order to make the most informed buying decision. Upgrade your pet grooming salon with durable, well-built equipment that will last for years to come.

Shop for non-negotiable features and long-lasting product details, not just price. A reputable company, like Shernbao USA, can also help you order replacement parts or get advice about maintenance steps to prolong the life of your equipment.

When it’s time to replace your current pet grooming tubs, tables, and dryers, be mindful about disposal. Could someone else use it or repurpose it? Look for pet groomer swap meets in your local area, host a business garage sale, or post an ad on Facebook where local pet groomers might see it.

If not, a metal scrapyard or electronics recycling program may be able to give new life to the materials and internal components.

Go paperless with pet grooming business software

There are so many digital business management tools to choose from. Specialized pet grooming software can reduce paper waste, save time, and convert more clients with easy-to-use online booking tools.

Have you heard of Go-Doggies? It’s our top paperless pick to manage your grooming salon appointments, place orders with suppliers, track staff schedules, and more. The all-in-one app for pet groomers also has a built-in search and review feature, so clients and easily find ‘pet groomers near me’ and connect with talented staff.

Whether you prefer to choose an end-to-end system like Go-Doggies or combine separate tools, there are so many reasons to go paperless. Eco-friendly policies can help you reclaim more of your time, save money, and get new clients in the door!

Donate gently used items and supplies

Instead of throwing away grooming towels and tools, look for places to donate them. You might be surprised how many animal shelters and rescue organizations accept pet-related donations. It’s amazing how much can be reclaimed and reused!

Also, think about low-income pet owners in your community who may not be able to afford professional pet grooming, or who lack the right tools to safely groom their pets at home. By donating gently used items to second-hand thrift stores, you can promote positive pet care and reduce waste. Even if pet supplies no longer live up to your professional standards, they can still benefit thrifty families and animals in need.

Upgrade to more efficient pet dryers

Dual motor pet dryers pull more electricity, but they’re also more efficient. Two motors work in sync to produce a high volume of air and blast through thick, wet coats without overheating. Dual motor dryers might lower your electricity bill because they don’t have to waste energy just to keep the motor cool.

In-home pet groomers and mobile grooming vans don’t always have the electrical capacity to power heavy-duty, dual motor force dryers. That’s okay! Shernbao USA single motor dryers are efficient and powerful, too. The Super Cyclone Force Dryer, for example, has upgraded wind channels that are designed to move air faster and more efficiently.

Two motors or one? Either way, a variable speed force dryer is the best choice. Shernbao USA’s stepless, adjustable dryer dials give you total control to set the perfect airflow. Turn it up to full blast or scale down to a gentle breeze while you fluff.

By adopting these eco-friendly grooming tips, you can reduce waste, conserve resources, and create a more sustainable pet salon.

Want to promote your small business as a natural, clean space with products and policies that benefit the environment? You don’t have to install a full water recycling system or solar panels just to go green.

Start by upgrading the quality of your equipment, recycling and donating whenever possible, ordering natural pet shampoo, and booking appointments online. Small changes make a big difference! Eco-conscious clients will admire and appreciate your efforts. Plus, it’s a feel-good way to differentiate yourself from other pet grooming salons in your area and raise the quality of your pet grooming services.

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