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These Grooming Tips Could Make Your Dog Insta-Famous

Good grooming techniques not only keep your dog in top shape, but it’s a way to get noticed on social media. Think of how that traction not only builds notoriety but could lead to sponsor deals that would help take care of your doggy. Here are some grooming tips to help make your dog Insta-famous. 

Create a Username for Your Pup

Along with having dog grooming products to keep your little one in top shape, make sure you follow through with a good username. While you’ll get noticed by posting your dog to your own Instagram account, you’ll attract more people by creating one with your dog’s name.

Why? Well, there are a lot of animal lovers on social media. They’ll be more prone to subscribe because they want to see the things your dog does from just relaxing or being active.

Think about your pet’s name and the breed of dog to get more of a target audience.

Make Sure You Have Quality Photos

You want your photos to be crystal clear. No blurry backgrounds or blurry pup needed. You want to catch the best angles of your dog as well.

Maybe there’s a cute birthmark or some hair feature on one side that stands out. The small details matter more than you think. Not to mention, you want to keep your photos as colorful as possible.

The brighter your photos, the more interest they will capture because people love seeing a beautiful dog. There’s something warm and heartfelt about a faithful and furry friend.

Be Consistent

Not only do you want to be consistent in how you post, but the creative needs to be up to par as well. Maybe you have a theme that you like for your dog that you post maybe once a month. People look for that type of thing because it’s fun and unique.

Also, don’t be the person to post 4-5 photos one day and the next day nothing. Choose to post one picture 5 days a week because people always value when you regularly post. It’s almost as if the dog is their friend, too.

Maybe you cut your dog’s hair using some dog hairstylist products. People want to know about the big and small changes because they become invested in your dog’s personality.

Having clear photos, captivating themes, and a well-groomed dog can help your furry one become Insta-famous.

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