PSD-918 (Upgraded) SmartCare Anionic Pet Grooming Finishing Dryer and Stand


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  • Feature: SmartCare hands-free alternating heat cycles with negative ions
  • Motor: single 1800-watt brushless motor
  • Airflow: 260 cfm turbofan
  • Speed: variable up to 64,500 fpm with dial
  • Noise: ultra-quiet up to 58 decibels
  • Heat: adjustable from room temperature to 140°F
  • Stand: locking wheels and quad-directional positioning
  • Height: adjustable from 42 to 60 inches
  • Material: ultra-strong, lightweight aluminum

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1-year warranty

1-year warranty on parts and 6 months warranty on  the motor.


Upgrade your pet grooming services with a flawless finish! The PSD-918 Fluff Dryer takes our cutting-edge anionic technology to the next level with SmartCare temperature controls. Compared to the PSD-920 and 921 dryers, virtually everything is upgraded, including quieter wind speeds and a longer motor life up to 8,000 hours.

The brushless motor has powerful turbofan and tourmaline components that automatically generate negative ions when the pet dryer is turned on. Unlike most force dryers, this finishing dryer achieves exceptional airflow, not just air speed. Set your dryer on standby, then turn up the dial for a targeted burst of ionized air. Shernbao USA makes it easy to add shine, detangle curls, seal cuticles, and add just the right amount of fluff.

SmartCare helps keep pets comfortable on the grooming table, and you’ll love the results. This upgraded feature uses alternating blasts of hot and cold air to reduce drying time and heat stress. Plus, with this professional-grade stand, you can work hands-free to focus on finer grooming finishes.

PSD-918 Anionic Standing Dryer

*Use aluminum alloy shells.more elegant,strong and durable.
*Specially designed encoder switches for wind speed and temperature adjustment, and easy to set up.
*Electronic switches without friction between components,very safe.
*9-level digital control with on/standby function.
*LCD screen accurately displays wind speed and temperature.
*Mica long life heating element with thermal overload cutout can prevent overheating.
*Japanese-made heavy duty1/4HP motor and turbofan , precise ,strong and durable.
*The brushless motor ensures longevity, over 8000 hours.
*With our advanced technology , the noise is greatly reduced to 58 dB.
*Advanced tourmaline brushes generate anions,up to 6million/cm3,which aids in containing the internal cuticle moisture and helps tame the unruly hair and straiighten the curly coats.
*New upgraded“Smart Care” function, with hot and cold air alternating cycle mode,which helps to dry faster,tighten hair scales,strengthen the water lock effect,reduce grease,make hair more fluffy etc.
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