Small Mod-Stack Pet Grooming Cage in 304 Stainless Steel (WZ-304S)


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Width: 18.5 inches
• Depth: 22 inches
• Height: 20.5 inches


• Cage: rust-proof 304 stainless steel
• Floor grates: premium carbon steel
• Trays: thick, easy to clean plastic


• Stackable: with mounting screws
• Wheels: locking, medical-grade casters (optional)

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This Small Mod-Stack Cage is perfect for teacup dogs, toy breeds, cats, rabbits, and other small furry friends. It’s the smallest size that we offer, measuring 18.5 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 20.5 inches tall with a slide-in cage tray.

About the Mod-Stack Line:

We’ve improved this timeless cage design with small details that keep you and your clients safe. Our magnetic pull-tab lock is stronger than most, and it’s mounted on a protective metal backplate. Plus, Waggz developed an extra-wide tray slot with reinforced floor grates. Now it’s easier for you to remove the tray for cleaning (and also more comfortable for pets while they wait!)

Customize your order and build a cage bank that works for your pet boarding business or grooming salon. Two large cages are the same width as four medium cages, and you can position five small cages on top of that.

Want to add locking wheels? Just contact our sales team. With Waggz, you’ve got options.

Even more #Tailwaggz: every Waggz cage ships for free and is backed by a 2-year warranty!

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