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Dog Grooming Bathtub Buyer’s Guide

Becoming the proud owner of a furry, four-legged friend can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences we have in our lives. However, with the joy and fun that a pet brings, there also comes a great responsibility for providing care, safety, and happiness. One of the primary ways that pet owners can ensure they are achieving this is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for grooming and maintaining their hygiene. 

Dog grooming bathtubs are one of the best in-home tools pet owners can buy to make their lives easier, and their pet’s lives safer and more comfortable. If you often find yourself struggling with bathtime for your canine companion, or your dog shows signs of fear or apprehension when it comes time for grooming and bathing, a dog grooming bathtub is a wise investment. There is a lot to learn when it comes to professional grooming tools, so let’s jump right in and get started!

Safety First

When you begin your search for the right dog grooming tools, there are several specifications that you will have to look for including: 

  • Height Adjustment Capability
  • Non-slip or grippable floors
  • Hooks or tethers to restrict movement 
  • Hoses, plugs, and drains

Most of these options are all about providing the safest and most comfortable environment possible for grooming. Most dogs have anxiety around things like this that involve a lot of touching, closeness, and sometimes unfamiliar actions, so ensuring that your dog will not be injured in the process is the top priority.

A height-adjustable bathtub will eliminate the messy and slippery process of lifting your dog in and out of the tub. Without one of these, water on the floor combined with a struggling animal can create a dangerous environment for both person and animal and can lead to falls and injuries sustained in the process. Moreover, without a way to hold your dog still, such as a hook or tether system, your pet may panic and try to escape, creating another messy situation. 

What to Look For

When all of this is taken into consideration, it is clear that dog grooming bathtubs are a safe and smart investment for your beloved pets. This is the reason most professionals and dog grooming business owners choose to bathe their animals in a specially designed tub that can maximize comfort and safety for everyone involved in the process. 

In addition to the previously mentioned features, there are several other things to take into consideration, such as the size of the dog. If the tub is for a small dog, like a chihuahua, then a smaller tub will be sufficient. However, if you aren’t sure, or will be using this tub for many different dogs, then it is best to default to a larger tub that can fit any breed of dog. 

When you begin selecting the right tub for your needs, you must also consider whether you want a powered, electric tub, or a standard, non-powered one. With the electricity safely contained away from the water, these powered tubs can provide an easier and more ergonomic experience for both you and your pet. Various mechanical features can include foot pedals to raise and lower the bath, or higher-powered spraying devices. 

Other features to look for in both powered and non-powered baths are backsplashes, which will shield you from spray and pet hair, as well as drainage holes to allow for easier draining of the tub when you are finished. 

The material that the bath is made out of is an important factor and can affect the durability and lifespan of the tub. PVC and plastics are popular and cheap materials, but most professionals prefer to work with and buy tubs made out of metal, such as stainless steel, as it cleans better, is more hygienic, and lasts longer.

Tricks and Treats

Altogether, these products combine to save you time, money, and effort. However, even with all of this technology, many dog grooming professionals agree that keeping a fun, warm, and welcoming environment for the dog is an essential first step towards defeating grooming anxiety. If the animal feels frightened, grooming will be harder for all involved. Some ways to achieve this are:

  • Warm lighting
  • Soothing music
  • Scented candles or oils
  • Providing small treats or snacks 
  • Talking in a soft and relaxing voice
  • Softly petting and massaging the dog

If the dog is allowed to adjust and feel safe at its own pace, most dogs won’t have any issues with grooming. When all of this is considered, taking professional-level care of your dog is easy, and will leave you with a safer, happier, and more hygienic pet. Dog grooming tables can be found or customized to fit any need and any breed, and they are an essential tool for making sure your dogs know just how much you care about them. 

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