Dog Grooming Table Buyers Guide

Many people own dogs, but not many people truly know how to take care of them. The first step toward being able to take professional-level care of our cherished four-legged friends is to select the right dog grooming table, in order to provide comfortable and ergonomic care that meets the needs of any breed. Whether you’re starting a dog grooming business, find it to be a fun hobby, or just want to take the best care you can of your puppy, this guide will illuminate the many requirements, types, and choices you must consider to find the right grooming table for your dog.

Man’s Best-Groomed Friend

When it comes to selecting the right dog grooming table, you must consider what the primary function of the table is in the first place. The right website will offer a wide selection of prices, from simple non-mechanical tables for under $100, to complex pieces of fine machinery that sell for easily over $1000. If the table is going to be utilized in an industrialized way, as a conveyor belt for dogs that need to be groomed, then it is worth it to spend more money on a durable table that won’t need to be repaired or replaced often.

However, not everyone who needs a dog grooming table is a professional. Maybe you just have your cute little lap dog snuggling next to you, and you noticed its nails are getting long. Of course, you want to make sure its nails are clipped, but you may not want to spend tons of cash on a simple service. If you live alone, you may struggle to hold your dog still, and a small, affordable dog grooming table can be a smart and efficient way to make sure your pets get the care they need.

Form and Functionality

Either way, you will have to decide on one of the various types of tables, such as:

  • Electric tables
  • Hydraulic tables
  • Air lifting tables
  • Portable tables designed for in-home use

The most popular choice for professionals is a classic electric table, with an adjustable and stable “accordion” style scissor-lift base. This provides a sturdy, functional, and ergonomic way to take care of any grooming needs a dog may have, such as trimming their fur, clipping their nails, and cleaning their teeth. These tables provide useful restraints that can assist in keeping your dog still, without hurting them or exerting too much pressure on them.

However, there are other options available. The portable tables are a popular and low-cost investment in the care of your dog and can serve many functions similar to the more expensive, professional tables.

Tricks of the Trade

Most people who are willing to purchase a dog grooming table for personal use, or work with dogs in a professional capacity, truly love and care for their animals. Therefore, they try every trick possible to avoid having to use restraints on the dogs while grooming them, such as muzzles. Many times, a slipknot is used in a loose position on various restraint points, so that it will only tighten if the dog moves – a painless and humane way to keep them still.

However, most dog groomers agree that behavioral control techniques, and creating a friendly and welcoming environment for the dog is a better first-step approach to entice cooperative behavior. When the owner, and maybe some treats are present, this can be a lot easier. Of course, a dog that has been groomed since they were a puppy will have no problem relaxing long enough for their grooming sessions, and will even enjoy them.

The Down and Dirty

So, what is it that these dog-groomers actually do? According to Dog Grooming For Dummies, some of the basic dog care routines a dog owner should follow are:

  • Brush out their fur, and trim if necessary
  • Bathe them, rinse, and dry
  • Finely clean their ears and eyes, cleaning any tear stains
  • Trim their nails
  • Brush their teeth and clean as necessary

If these essential steps towards taking care of your pets properly are followed, and the dog feels safe and loved in the process, you will find yourself with a happy canine companion. Trying to do all of these steps without a dog grooming table means that there will be no firm foundation on which to build your workflow, and will lead to a less friendly and comfortable situation for you and your pet.

On the Table

Just think of it – no more struggling to hold your dog still while you clip their nails, and a clean, functional workstation that will save you time and money in the end. Whether you’re the loving owner of a four-legged friend or looking to start a professional dog-grooming business, one thing is certain – your dog grooming table will be the centerpiece of your workstation, and is one of the most important purchases you will consider when trying to provide a loving and comfortable life for your pet.

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