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Holiday Dog Grooming & Tips for Busy Pet Salons


The holiday season is a wild, chaotic time for most pet groomers. It’s one of the busiest times of the year for special holiday-themed dog styles, but you’ll probably also see a frustratingly large number of missed appointments.

So how can you stabilize your booking schedule and give pets the absolute best service? Sharpen those scissors, grab a scarf, and prepare for winter dog grooming like a pro.

Educate and Inform Your Clients

Many dog owners think it’s okay to skip grooming visits over the winter if they come back for a shave in the spring. On the other hand, some pet parents ask for unhealthy grooming styles, just because they love the look. How do you address both issues?

As a professional pet groomer, owners rely on you to help them take great care of their four-legged friends. Try sending out a newsletter with monthly updates and FAQs to get more doggies in the door with seasonally appropriate cuts on schedule. Or, for a more hands-on approach, discuss and plan their next appointment when you hand over the leash.

Turn Doggy Bath Time into Therapy

Regular bathing with a solid scrub and dog-friendly shampoos can remove lingering buildup. We’re no longer worried about pollen and shedding fur, but dry and winter wind-chafed skin are top concerns. Deep moisture conditioners and soothing oatmeal or argan oil treatments can help protect your pup from symptoms before they start.

Shernbao USA tubs are pre-drilled for easy installation, so you can add your favorite faucet and sprayer with therapeutic massage settings. With an electric dog grooming tub, you can double check the water temperature before dropping it down for pets to walk in. Make sure to keep the temperature consistent and ease into the heat, especially if pets recently transitioned from cold weather outside.

Focus on the Feet

Winter dog nail care is very different than in the summer. Investing in a high-quality pet nail grinder makes the job much easier. You’ll likely see pets with longer nails and hair on the feet simply because they’re spending less time outside, and icy surfaces have less friction to wear them down.

Blast Through Heavy Coats to Dry Faster

The faster you can dry them off, the better. Make sure that your pet grooming salon is as insulated as possible without any cold drafts. Undercoats work overtime in the winter, and it’s essential to dry every hair the whole way through.

The best grooming force dryer needs to have a powerful blasting motor with integrated wind channels. Force and speed are even more important than volume in the winter, so the Shernbao USA Hurricane is a must-have. Or, you can upgrade the experience with an anionic finishing dryer. SmartCare alternating temperature cycles help to detangle dense undercoats and seal cuticles against the weather.

Wrap It Up with a Holiday Gift

Leading up to the holidays, you might consider surprising clients with a small gift for both pup and parent. A bandana is the perfect winter pet accessory to keep them warm as they walk out the door. Plus, a Shernbao USA dog grooming brush will keep them soft, detangled, and comfortable between appointments. Tis the season for gifts (and hopefully some extra tips!)

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