Dog Grooming

How Much Does Dog Grooming Cost?

Pet grooming is an important aspect of caring for the animals that love and trust us so much, and there is only one way to make sure that their health, comfort, and appearance are at their highest level possible: professional dog grooming services. In doing so, you’ll have access to expert knowledge that you wouldn’t have otherwise known, higher quality equipment, and be able to relax and take it easy instead of dealing with the long, stressful process of grooming and cleaning up at home. That’s why many pet owners find it easier and more economical in the long run to set up a dog grooming schedule with a grooming service, which can save you money in the end and lead to a happier life for you and your pet. 

The first question people often ask about dog grooming services is about the cost. Prices and inflation are rising, making the cost of living higher for everyone. Often, dog grooming is considered a luxury, but in reality, it’s an essential and critical part of caring for your beloved pets.

First, let’s look at the simple, short answer, then we’ll go into some of the details that can affect pricing, save you money, or cause costs to rise. On average, a dog grooming session will cost between $30-$90, depending on a few different factors like the size of the dog and the type of breed and fur it has. 

What Services Can You Expect to Receive?

When paying for a professional dog grooming session, you’ll definitely want to make sure you get your money’s worth, for both you and your pet. Ensuring that the grooming is done completely, lovingly, and in a way that won’t make your animal scared, stressed, or upset is critical. When looking into dog grooming, you’ll want to make sure that the groomer completes at least the following tasks:

  • Bathing the dog
  • Brushing, trimming, and blow drying their fur
  • Eye and ear detailed cleaning
  • Nail trimming
  • Teeth brushing or other dental care
  • Releasing fluids that build up in certain glands inside the dog

This is considered a full grooming routine, and will likely run on the higher end of the $30-$90 scale. However, this full grooming covers the complete expanse of your dog’s needs, and will lead to an overall healthier pet, saving money on vet costs in the end. For these reasons, it’s well worth the cost to have a professional take care of your animal. 

What Factors Can Affect Pricing?

Not every dog will need this full suite of care every time they go see a groomer. Maybe a long-haired breed can just go in for a trim, or you might just want to get your dog’s nails or teeth clipped or cleaned. If you just want partial services, you can save money and opt for the full-service experience once in a while when you can afford it or the dog’s needs become more severe. 

Some factors that can raise the prices include:

  • The weight and size of the dog

Most dog groomers will have a sliding scale for costs based on weight, as this has a huge impact on the difficulty of the work and the amount of time it takes. A typical cost scale might look like $25 for a dog from 0-15 pounds, $30 for 15-25 pounds, and so on from there, going up about $10 or so for every ten pounds on the dog. 

  • Extra dirty or matted fur

If you haven’t been keeping up with your dog’s care and show up with a dog that has extremely thick and matted fur that will take a long time to brush out, clean, and blowdry, this can cause extra costs for you. Try to avoid this by occasionally showering, bathing, and brushing your dog at home, especially after muddy walks or if their fur is prone to tangling. 

  • Location

Just like with any other commodity, supply and demand affect pricing. Groomers in large cities have a lot more potential clients and can afford to charge more for their services.

  • Breed-specific haircut patterns

Certain breeds like poodles can require specific haircuts that can raise the prices. This is largely an aesthetic choice, but for some people, it creates an extremely desirable look that is worth it for them.

  • Tipping

It’s not required, but it is customary to tip a dog groomer if you feel that they went above and beyond, or just to practice good social and business skills. Don’t worry too much, but adding on an extra $10 tip can help you get priority service and extra care or treats for your dog.

Don’t neglect your dog’s grooming and care – find a dog groomer near you today! This will lead to an overall happier, healthier, and more comfortable animal that can fully enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for them. 

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