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Pet Groomer Safety Tips and Equipment

Pet grooming is super rewarding and creatively fulfilling, but it can also be dangerous. This type of work is physically demanding, and small mistakes can lead to injuries – both for you and the pets.

Luckily, high-quality equipment can set you up for success. Use this grooming supply buying guide to prevent accidents, keep pets calm, and stay safe on the job:

1. Non-Slip Surface

Most of the best grooming tables have non-slip material, but not all. Whether you’re purchasing a permanent fixture for your pet salon or a small folding table for competitions, it needs to have some grip.

The same is true in your grooming tub! If the tub comes with a puppy booster, make sure it’s coated with safe, non-slip material, just like your mats in the bottom.

2. Weight Capacity

Rust and structural integrity are big concerns for pet groomers, especially if you’re working with large breeds. Not all equipment is built to last, and not all tables are reinforced for heavy weight. Check the product stats before placing your order!

Also, did you know that 316 stainless steel will rust and corrode over time? Only 304 stainless steel is rust resistant, so it’s worth the added cost.

3. Adjustable Height

Whether you’re working alone or with a team, everyone deserves to work at a comfortable height. Back injuries are very common, so it’s important to avoid stooping down and lifting without support. Shernbao USA offers one of the lowest grooming tables on the market, stretching all the way down to 8.5 inches off the floor.

4. Super Stable

There are two main types of tub and table lifts, based on the shape of the frame: X and Z. Accordion ‘X’ designs are the best choice for stability because weight is distributed more evenly. The quality of individual parts and welded connections matter, too. Look for upgraded, heavy-duty grooming tubs that won’t fail.

5.  Smooth Lift

A solid, stable base can make pets feel more secure and comfortable during the grooming process. That’s even more important when the table or tub moves up and down! The safest pet grooming equipment must feel steady at all heights – no shaking or wobbling.

6. Clipper Care

If pets can feel the blade tugging or pulling on their fur, they’re more likely to become reactive. Overheating is another problem, but luckily you can avoid it with the right care and equipment. The best professional pet clippers are powerful enough to work through thick coats and also stay cool to avoid razor rash.

7. Adjustable Volume

Loud noises take a toll on everyone! They scare anxious pets, cause miscommunications, and may lead to hearing loss over time. Take care of your ears and create a more comfortable environment with the quietest grooming dryer you can find. Adjustable force dryers give you more control over variable speed, and as a result, volume.

Need advice about how to choose a grooming tub? Looking to invest in the best grooming table? We can help. Shernbao USA keeps everyone happy and healthy with built-in safety features on every design.

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