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How To Groom Your Dog At Home

With the worldwide pandemic affecting daily life, taking your dog to grooming appointments is no longer feasible. 

You might find yourself in a bind, as you can’t wait too long or you’ll have to deal with unpleasant smells. 

Fortunately, home grooming is not as hard as you think it to be. You don’t need to spend a fortune as well. Just a few dog grooming products will do. 

Here are some simple things you can do to keep your dog well-groomed:

Brush regularly

If your dog’s hairs are badly matted, it can cause pain. Regular brushing removes any possibility of that happening. It also removes dirt and dander from your dog’s coat. 

Your dog needs regular brushing to keep its coat shiny and avoid unnecessary pain. That being said, how much you need to brush depends on your dog’s hair length. 

If it has long hair, you might have to brush once or twice a week. If not, then brushing will be required only every other week.

Trim your dog’s hair and nails 

Trimming your dog’s hair and nails is vital for optimum grooming. Overgrown hairs can cause fleas, vision blocks, and rashes due to irritation. 

Overgrown nails make it harder for your dog to walk. These also cause spine and posture problems due to your dog frequently shifting weight. 

Wait until your dog is calm and trim slowly. Use good quality dog grooming products, including scissors and clippers. Make sure you reward your dog with a treat after you’re finished.

Use good equipment 

To stick to a proper grooming routine, you’ll need tools that suit your dog. A few dog grooming products you need include brushes, shampoos, clippers, and trimmers. 

Choose a brush and trimmer that best complements your dog’s hair. Clippers need to cater to your dog’s nail type. Large pliers are ideal for strong nails, while scissor clippers work best for small and delicate nails. 

Choose shampoos and conditioners that are intended for dog use. Use mild shampoos to protect your dog’s eyes and avoid strong-smelling conditioners. 

Maintain moderation and keep a check

Don’t groom your dog too often. Doing so can strip natural oils from its coat and cause dry skin. It’s best to schedule spaced-out sessions to avoid excessive grooming. 

Also, check your dog’s ears frequently. If you notice inflammation or a different kind of discharge than normal, get in touch with your vet.

Other warning signs include a bad smell (despite regular grooming) and your dog yelping when you brush its coat or examine its ears.