Ways to Get Your Dog Comfortable With a Hair Dryer

Dry your dog after a bath to keep the fur healthy and prevent damage to your carpet. However, a dog not used to a hairdryer will be apprehensive about being near one. Take time to help your dog have a better comfort zone when using a dog dryer. Here are some ways to help your dog feel safe while you use it.

Let Your Dog Explore It

Let your dog explore one before buying multiple dog grooming dryers. Refrain from turning it on because you’ll startle your pet and ruin the experience.

Your furry friend will probably want to sniff it and touch it as well. Maybe you can persuade it to be around it more when you associate it with a tasty dog treat or a toy that it can hold. Also, you might want to have it in a closed-off space where it’s just you and your dog bonding.

It can help make it a more personal experience for your dog to know that it’s chill time with its best human friend.

Use It On a Low Setting for a Few Minutes

Between cleaning sessions, use it on a low setting. Let your dog hear the sound of it. Some pets get turned off because of the loud sound.

Also, you want to use it for just a few minutes until you can keep your pet in one space long enough to dry the fur. The more frequently you use the hairdryer, the better experience your dog will have around the machine. You can start to give your faithful friend better treats the longer he’s able to withstand the dryer.

It’ll start to think of a dog dryer as a positive tool.

Start Using It on High

After your dog has seen the pet blow dryer on a low setting, start speeding it up. First, point it away from the dog to keep it from being startled. Slowly use it on less sensitive parts of the fur.

This way, it’ll help your little one become more desensitized to the sound and the warm air blowing from the dryer. Give your pet some positive reinforcement by complimenting its good job for staying under the dryer.

Also, pet it and give it a massage in its favorite places. When you get your dog comfortable with a hairdryer, it’ll help create a lasting bond.

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