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New Salon Shopping List: How to Start a Dog Grooming Business


Ready to open a dog grooming business?

Don’t get overwhelmed by long, tedious step-by-step guides. Sure, there are lots of required steps to complete and permits to acquire, but it’s not all high stress.

One task is just as important as it is fun – setting up shop!

In this blog, we’ll walk you through a full grooming supplies checklist and explore brand new equipment options. (Read to the end for a full recommended list and bulk discount bundles.)

Let’s go shopping!

Grooming Supplies, Tools, and Equipment

Bathing Room

1 tub per 1-2 groomers

50-inch electric grooming tub
60-inch XL electric grooming tub

Many pet salons choose to install grooming tubs in a separate bathing room. Depending on the complexity of your schedule and the size of your team, one grooming tub probably isn’t enough.

If you’re planning to share dog grooming tubs with multiple staff members, just make sure that the design works for everyone – both dogs and groomers!

We always recommend sizing up to the largest dog tub that you can afford (50 or 60 inches), so that you don’t run into scheduling issues when clients book appointments for large breeds. Electric grooming tubs also simplify the sharing process and help everyone work more comfortably with easy height adjustments from 13 to 37 inches.

1 set per grooming tub

Professional thermostatic faucet
Bath sprayer with 7 jet modes
Drain hose with hair filter
2 removable floor panels
12-inch puppy booster
2 removable shampoo racks
3 welded grooming loop hooks

Does your new grooming tub come with accessories? Waggz grooming tubs do! Lucky for you, this part of the shopping list is already taken care of.

Prep for every bathing station

Bathing supplies: loops, brushes, towels
Pet shampoo and conditioner

Don’t forget about pet shampoo, pet conditioner, grooming towels, and steel grooming loops for the bathtub. Waggz is a Bio-Groom retail partner, and we proudly carry their best-selling formulas in multiple sizes, up to 5 gallons. 

Drying Room

1 drying table per tub

44-inch drying table with locking wheels

If space allows, you should consider setting up a drying room! Drying rooms are another way to streamline the process and separate your workspace for multiple staff members. By stepping into another space with dedicated dryers and tables, you can free up the tubs for other clients.

Waggz completely rebuilt the concept of a drying table. Traditionally, pet drying tables have been smaller, lighter tables with simple hydraulic or air-lift mechanisms. Now you can enjoy the same Waggz quality and patented features on a sized-down, portable table.

Look for a drying table that has IPX6 waterproof foot pedals on both sides of the table, hidden, chew-resistant wires, and medical-grade locking wheels. For blowouts and de-shedding treatments, it’s helpful to move the table exactly where you need it, then lock it in position.

Plus, Waggz drying tables have portable batteries (in a waterproof casing, of course) that power up automatically and can lift/lower the table up to 25 times on a single charge. Bonus!

3 force dryers per station

Wall-mounted heavy-duty pet dryer
High-speed blasting dryer on rolling stand
Backup single-motor dryer with heat mode

Powerful force dryers are an essential part of your new grooming business! Stock up on heavy-duty pet dryers with variable wind speed dials, upgraded air channels, and multiple nozzles. Waggz also carries single motor pet dryers with built-in heat settings, but most groomers prefer the subtle warmth of motor warmed air.

Set your dryer on a shelf, mount it on the wall, or roll up to the drying table on a stand – you’ve got options.

Prep for every drying station

Drying supplies: loops, brushes, towels

You can never have too many combs, brushes, rakes, and absorbent pet towels. Waggz offers a wide variety of bestselling grooming supplies and accessories; our team can help you add all these little extras to your grooming equipment order with one-stop shopping. 

Waiting Cages

2 sizes per appointment

Stainless steel pet cage bank

Professional pet cages aren’t necessary for every grooming business, but you shouldn’t overlook the convenience. Clients and pet parents want to know that their furry friend is safe, warm, and comfortable throughout the entire grooming process. Professional stainless steel pet cages provide a certain level of pre-planned security for everyone: dogs, parents, and groomers.

Waggz offers stacking, modular pet cage banks with convenient slide-out pans and strong magnetic door locks. Plus, professional dog cages can give you the flexibility to book more appointments with fewer gaps in the schedule!

1 multi-hose dryer per cage bank

3-speed, 3-hose cage dryer

The grooming community is somewhat divided on the safety and necessity of cage dryers, but we stand by their design. As responsible groomers, we trust that you know how to use cage dryers safely while prioritizing the health and wellbeing of your clients.

Waggz carries XPower cage dryers with integrated safety features, including auto-off timers and room-temp air sensors that help you do your best work.


Styling Workspace

1 table per stylist

Sleek, compact grooming table
Grooming table with drawers
LED grooming table with outlets
LED rolling storage grooming table

It’s time for the big finale – grooming, fluffing, styling, and finishing! Waggz electric grooming tables have upgraded features for safety and comfort, including IPX6 waterproof foot pedals on both sides of the table, a patented push-rod lift mechanism, non-slip tabletop, and fully redesigned grooming arms.

If budget allows, we recommend investing in a modern, upgraded grooming table with user-friendly features. Most Waggz tables have built-in storage with soft-close drawers, outlets, and/or dimmable LEDs for better visibility while grooming black dogs.

Prep for every table

Finishing fluff dryer on rolling stand
5-speed cordless clipper
Finishing clipper
Replacement clipper blades
Clipper comb set
Combs and brushes
Straight shears
Blending shears
Curved shears
Nail grinder

How will you choose to stock your new table and organize grooming tools? It’s up to yoU! There are thousands of pet grooming supplies, tools, and accessories to choose from: scissor cups, tool arm caddies, misting bottles, pet-safe dyes, brushes…. When you first buy grooming supplies online, start with these essentials and expand from there. 

YOUR Unique Grooming Salon Setup

Professional groomers have more options than ever. With modern marketing and scheduling tools, you can set up a thriving business that works for you. Do you want to offer house-call grooming, drive a mobile grooming van, open a new full-service grooming salon, or join an existing team?

We understand that this isn’t – and shouldn’t be – a one-size-fits-all guide. Depending on your location, budget, and team size, everyone will have slightly different equipment needs. That’s why Waggz offers personalized business packages and product recommendations with affordable financing and bulk discounts.

Call 626-549-1212 or email to get a custom quote from our sales team and check this task off your to-do list!

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