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Safe & Warm Pet Salon Must-Haves: Winter Dog Grooming Guide



As temperatures drop and days get shorter, many pet groomers are gearing up for their busiest season of the year! But it’s hard to race through holiday appointments when cold air slows down your drying time and pups are shivering. Can your grooming equipment keep up?

This winter pet grooming guide covers all the grooming supplies and equipment you need to keep dogs warm and cozy from start to finish – no matter how packed your schedule is!

Professional Pet Cages: Waiting and Acclimating

The holiday rush is filled with last-minute requests for parties, photoshoots, and travel plans. Plus, many dog breeds experience seasonal changes in their coat, so they’ll need extra care and attention to prevent matting. This time of year, you’re likely to see an even bigger variety of dog breeds walk in the door.

Why Professional Dog Cages are Essential

Professional dog cages provide a safe, dedicated space to hold pets before and after appointments, so you’re free to do what you do best – groom! A professional cage bank or set of dog kennels is absolutely essential, especially in winter. Ease them in from the chilly outside air with a comfortable, slow temperature transition into the pet grooming process.

Tips for Keeping Dog Cages Warm

If your pet grooming salon is particularly cold or drafty, you might consider placing heating pads or blankets in the stainless steel dog cages. Just make sure to keep a close eye on the dogs and never overheat small spaces.

The Waggz Mod-Stack Kennel System

The Waggz Mod-Stack kennel system is unique because it’s modular and stackable, just like the name implies. We’ve completely revamped the traditional pet cage concept with built-in guard rails that help funnel waste into the bottom tray pan for faster, easier cleanup. Mod-Stack cage doors have spring-loaded closures that lock automatically with magnetic pull-tabs.

Electric Grooming Tubs: Perfect Temperature Control

Cold winter weather is too harsh for most dogs, even if they’re begging and racing to get outside for a snowy walk. Luckily, a pet pampering session can help. Professional grooming treatments moisturize sensitive skin, rehydrate healthy coats, and soothe irritated or cracked paw pads.

Recommended Shampoos and Conditioners

At Waggz, we recommend Bio-Groom, EZ-Groom, and Hydra pet shampoo and conditioner, which you can order over the phone or via email from one of our sales reps. The Bio-Groom Silk Conditioning Crème Rinselocks nourishes dry skin and builds strength back into the coat. This time of year, dogs need as much hydration help as they can get!

Importance of a Thermostatic Faucet

Treat wind chill, ice burns, frizzy fur, and chapped skin with care – especially in the grooming tub. All Waggz pet bathing tubs come with a complete accessories bundle to install and start grooming right out of the box. No bathing tub setup would be complete without a thermostatic faucet.

Cage Dryers, Force Dryers, and Fluff Dryers

Scheduling and skin irritation aside, cold weather also poses some unique challenges for pet groomers. Chilly temperatures slow down the natural drying process, and coats often take longer to fully dry in the winter – or really, in any cold spaces.

Three-Step Drying Process

It’s incredibly important to fully dry pets down to the skin and blow all trace of moisture out of thick coats. If pets aren’t fully dry and acclimated before stepping out into the cold, they are at risk of hypothermia.

Recommended Pet Dryers

Set up your grooming salon with XPOWER Cage Dryers, K9 pet dryers, and Shernbao USA finishing dryers. Together, these three drying systems promote natural water evaporation, blow water out of thick coats, and seal cuticles to prevent winter frizz.

Choosing the Right Dryer

If you want to buy pet dryers online, Waggz always recommends checking two important product specs: airflow and air speed.

Grooming Tables with Wheels: Work Anywhere

Surprise – the best way to beat the holiday rush and winter temps isn’t a cage, tub, or dryer… it’s your grooming table!

The Waggz Roll-Light and Roll-Bright Tables

The Waggz Roll-Light and Roll-Bright tables are equipped with medical-grade wheels and a foot brake that locks all casters simultaneously. Now you can roll your new grooming table into position and create a more versatile, flexible workspace.

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