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What to Look for in a Dog Groomer Table

Whether you trim a dog’s hair professionally or use it for home use, you need to strongly consider a dog grooming table’s features. Ask – What features will work best for me and how much can I afford or wish to spend? For example, tables can be –

  • Height-adjusted using electricity or hydraulics;
  • Round or square in design;
  • Folding and extra light (used for competitive events); or
  • Feature a Z-lift design.

If you have decided to establish a dog grooming business, your choice of a table will be based on the following –

  • The space you set aside for your business;
  • The amount of capital you can invest; and
  • Whether or not you plan to provide mobile pet grooming services. (If you do wish to include mobile grooming to your list of services, or you wish to groom dogs on the competitive circuit, your best choice for a grooming table is one that folds and is fairly lightweight.)

Once you narrow down your requirements, you can more easily make a buying decision.

Folding Dog Grooming Tables

A folding table is the most economical choice for a mobile groomer, show groomer, or a groomer in a salon for these reasons –

  • The portable table can meet certain space limitations.
  • The grooming aid can be used as a drying table in a salon setting.
  • The furnishing can set up as a nail station in permanent settings.
  • The table’s height can be adjusted between 24 inches and 34.5 inches tall.

To make a height adjustment, you will need to flip the table over it over to adjust it and secure each leg.

Hydraulic Tables

If you can afford to spend more money on a dog grooming table, you may want to opt for a table with a hydraulic or electric adjustment. Let’s look at the pros and cons of using a hydraulic table.

  • A hydraulic dog grooming table uses a pump that is filled with gas to reduce or lift the table’s height.
  • This type of mid-range priced table does not require electricity to operate, which saves money on the utility.
  • Because you need to operate the table manually, it can be somewhat jerky. Some nervous dogs may not like this motion and become skittish.
  • Hydraulic tables usually can be set between 18 inches and 48 inches in height.

Scrutinize the above list carefully if a hydraulic table meets your price range.

Electric Dog Grooming Tables

Let’s compare the electric dog grooming tables with the features of an electric table.

  • Electric tables have smooth height adjustments and are quiet.
  • The tables are usually higher priced and normally a better option for salons and groomers that take care of larger breeds.
  • Height adjustments typically span between 6 inches and 47.5 inches.

Note: You can buy a low-electricity model if you want to save on your electric costs.

Make sure that what you select falls within your budget but meets the needs of your clients so you have everything you need.

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