Utsumi EG 55/60 Gold
Dog Grooming Shear

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Elevate your cutting experience with our Multi-Task High-Grade Cobalt Shears featuring a 3D ergonomic handle, slim tip, and a luxurious GOLD COATING. The enhanced steel hardness ensures durability for the edges, while the slim tip facilitates precise and detailed work. Complete with a flat screw and an optional self-adjuster, these shears offer high performance with a touch of luxury in every trim.


User Comment

I love these for overall haircutting such as Shear Over Comb, Pont Cutting, Sliding and the Ergonomical handle style helps out with my previous wrist injury.

– Steve Zavala, Alchemy Men’s Grooming, CA –


Made in Japan


ATS314 Cobalt


3D handle


Compact or Adjuster screw


Convex edge

High performance with luxurious look

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