Roll-Lift XL 60-Inch Solid Pet Grooming Tub with Roll-Out Stairs (WZ-230NL)


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Tail-wagging extras

You’ll also receive a FREE Geib Crocodile 9.5″ Shear ($126.75 Value)


Height:  37.5 inches to tub floor
Size: 60 x 29 inches (largest on the market)
Capacity: holds up to 265 pounds


Stairs: 3 steps with non-slip treads
Wheels: medical-grade casters with locking foot brake (rare find!)
Entrance: 20-inch lift-out door


Drain: redesigned hose with hair catcher
Floor: non-slip grates and 12-inch puppy booster
Material: rust-proof 304 stainless steel


Shape: heavy-duty steel with reinforced bars
Plumbing: pre-drilled for faucet on both sides
Storage: stairs roll back to fit completely under tub

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Tail-wagging extras

You’ll also receive a FREE Geib Crocodile 9.5″ Shear ($126.75 Value)

2-year warranty

2-year warranty on all parts.


Hellooo Roll-Step XL 👋

The Roll-Step XL (WZ-230NL) is built for bigger breeds with an extended 60-inch tub and a bigger 20-inch door. Heavy-duty stairs roll straight out from under the welded tub base. Lift the door to let pets in and out, then gently lower it back into place on the guided track.

This has never been done before… our rolling bathtub stairs have medical-grade casters with a built-in foot brake!

Simply step on the brake bar to lock your stairs in place with rock-solid stability. Then, press the brake lever again to release the stairs, roll them back under the tub, and reclaim your workspace. There’s also plenty of room for under-tub storage on the left-hand side.

Lifted, non-slip floor grates and a wrap-around backsplash keep suds in the tub, not on you. Plus, our specialty hair strainer is built right into the drain hose to prevent blockages and clogs. We’ve also included a matching booster to raise puppies 12 inches higher, so you don’t have to stoop over the front.

Waggz asked and you answered! Every detail is inspired by real groomers and designed to help solve everyday challenges.

About the Step Line:

The Step line (WZ-230N and WZ-230NL) of grooming tubs gives pets the confidence to walk in on their own. Waggz uses medical-grade equipment from top to bottom, including heavy-duty wheels, a locking foot brake, and non-slip surface treads. Protect your back and do less heavy lifting, even with a stationary tub frame.

Even more #Tailwaggz: every Waggz tub is backed by a 2-year warranty!

Comes with Full Accessories Kit:
Professional thermostatic faucet
Bath sprayer with 7 jet modes
Drain hose with hair filter
2 removable floor panels
12-inch puppy booster
2 removable shampoo racks
3 welded grooming loop hooks

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