Waggz Power-Lift White Electric Dog Grooming Tub

Waggz Power-Lift White Electric Dog Grooming Tub


Height range: 13 to 37 inches
Size: 50 x 29 inches
Capacity: holds up to 265 pounds
Material: premium 304 stainless steel, 16(1.6mm) gauge thickness



Entrance: 16-inch lift-out door
Drain: redesigned hose with hair catcher
Floor: non-slip grates with 2 height positions


Electric Lift:

Controls: IPX6 water resistant foot pedals on both sides
Motion: patented high-powered push rod won’t trap fur
Motor: hidden under tub with water resistant casing



Arms: adjustable with fully redesigned clamp
Shape: stable X frame with hidden cables
Material: powder-coated, heavy-duty steel


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Bio-Groom So-Dirty™ Cleansing Shampoo (5 Gallon) Dog Grooming Shampoo

  • Deep cleansing formula for dirty dogs
  • Strengthens coat without stripping natural oils
  • Scrubbing foam lather is easy to rinse

Bio-Groom Super White™ Brightening Shampoo (5 Gallon)
Dog Grooming Shampoo

  • Pearlescent brighteners create a sparkling finish
  • Soy protein adds moisture and strength
  • Rich lather with a quick, clean rinse

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Bio-Groom Fluffy Puppy™ Delicate Shampoo (1 Gallon) Dog Grooming Shampoo

  • Extra mild for sensitive skin and delicate coats
  • Strengthens and conditions fur with soy protein
  • Fastest rinse with no lingering residue

Bio-Groom Flea & Tick Shampoo (1 Gallon) Dog Grooming Shampoo

  • 100% natural pyrethrin kills lice, fleas, and ticks
  • pH balanced with moisturizing, mild cleansers
  • Gentle enough for weekly treatment

EZ-Groom Filthy Beast Shampoo 1G 50:1

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Hellooo Power-Lift 👋

The Power-Lift (WZ-230E) Electric Dog Grooming Tub has a classic design with hardworking mechanics and a budget-friendly price. Lift the door to let pets in and out, then gently lower it back into place on the guided track.

Water resistant pedals do the real heavy lifting. Step on your pedals to control the bathtub height with a high-powered push rod and anti-vibration stabilizers for added safety. This patented lift mechanism doesn’t have open tracks or rolling wheels, so hair will never get trapped. Our rock-solid X frame raises the 50-inch tub from 13 to 37 inches.

Lifted, non-slip floor grates and a wrap-around backsplash keep suds in the grooming tub, not on you. Plus, our specialty hair strainer is built right into the drain hose to prevent blockages and clogs. We’ve also included a lifted rail to raise the floor height for puppies, so you don’t have to stoop over the front.

Waggz asked and you answered! Every detail is inspired by real groomers and designed to help solve everyday challenges.

About the Lift Line:

The Lift line (WZ-230E and WZ-230EL) of pet grooming tubs delivers sleek simplicity without compromising on quality. Our lift-out entrance has a guided track and rounded base to help you easily fit the door back into place. And the premium 304 steel bath tub isn’t just user-friendly – it’s pet-friendly, too!

3-Year Tiered Warranty

Waggz products are built to impress and ready to work, or we’ll make it right. Ask our team for more information about what parts and components are covered.

Comes with Full Accessories Kit:
Professional thermostatic faucet
Bath sprayer with 7 jet modes
Drain hose with hair filter
2 removable floor panels
2 removable shampoo racks
3 welded grooming loop hooks

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